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Cost to Attend
Graduate School

Graduate cost and aid varies by program and college. Depending on your program, your aid may involve a combination of fellowships, assistantships, and/or grants. This page will provide a starting point to help answer some basic questions. For specific questions related to your personal situation, it’s recommended you consult your college.

Estimated Cost of Tuition

Find out more about graduate tuition and program costs by contacting your graduate program or the Office of the Bursar. Explore your program for more information on cost and fees.

Unsure if you qualify for ҹ糡 Resident Status for tuition purposes?

Your Real Cost

Your actual tuition and fees may vary based on factors like your location, degree program, and financial aid package. At ҹ糡, most students receive at least one form of financial aid to help fund their education. Whatever your financial situation is, you have options. Learn exactly how you can maximize the value of your ҹ糡 education by making your degree more affordable.

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Make it Manageable

Interested in dividing your tuition into smaller amounts that you pay over time? You may qualify to pay in installments thanks to our Tuition Payment Plan.

Financial Opportunities for
Graduate Students

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

  • Loan, grant, and federal work-study program
  • May come from federal agencies, the state, or the university
  • The largest provider of student aid in the nation

Graduate College Funding Opportunities

  • Cash award/stipend, assistantships, and tuition awards
  • 20+ opportunities available by application
  • Some family and childcare benefits

Graduate Assistantships & Associateships

  • Provide benefits to graduate students while they work to complete their graduate degrees.
  • Recruit exceptional students to various graduate programs.
  • Provide support to colleges and departments on campus with teaching, research, and outreach.
  • Provide hands-on learning which allows the student to develop educational and professional skills.
  • Allow the graduate student to gain an exceptional, varied, and valuable university experience.

Scholarship Universe

  • Scholarship matching tool 
  • External funding opportunities
  • Available to students after admission

Learn more about graduate student , and find more information on . Additional funding tips are available from the University of ҹ糡 .

Still Have Questions?

For specific questions related to graduate student funding, talk to the Director of Graduate Studies or Graduate Program Coordinator for your program of interest, or ask the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.